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This simple image editor, similar to Microsoft Paint, is aiming at the GNOME desktop.

PNG, JPEG and BMP files are supported.

Besides GNOME, the app is well integrated in traditional-looking desktops, as well as elementaryOS.

It should also be compatible with the Pinephone and Librem 5 smartphones.


Default user interface (for GNOME/Budgie)

UI for GNOME and Budgie, here with the main menu opened

More screenshots


Last stable version


You can install it from using the instructions on this page.


Other packages available

Packaging status

Unstable/nightly version

See here to install and test the app from source code.

Available languages

If your language is not here, or is incompletely translated, you can contribute to the translations.

code name complete*? main translators
ca Catalan 93% @jordimas
cs Czech 99% @pervoj
da Danish 77% @scootergrisen
de German 100% @Etamuk
English 100% help welcome **
es Castillan 100% @fitojb, @xoan, @oscfdezdz
eu Basque 82% @alexgabi
fi Finnish 99% @mahtiankka
fr French 100%
he Hebrew 57% @moriel5, @shaqash, @omeritzics
hi Hindi ~20% @sujaldev
hr Croatian 97% @milotype
hu Hungarian 48% @kami911
id Indonesian 59% @ekickx
it Italian 99% @amivaleo and @albanobattistella
ja Japanese 86% @rlbxku1r
kr Korean 90% @chaeya
nl Dutch 97% @Vistaus
oc Occitan 33% @Mejans
pl Polish 100% @pkomur
pt_BR Br. portuguese 100% @haurenburu and @ArthurBacci64
ru Russian 99% @tim77 and @Ser82-png
sv Swedish 99% @eson57
tr Turkish 100% @TeknoMobil and @serkan-maker
zh_CN Chinese, simpl. 61% @OverflowCat
zh_TW Chinese, tradi. 62% @pan93412, @OverflowCat and @cges30901

*Completion percentages correspond to the next major version, still in development.

**Concerning the "original version" in english: all the labels are here, but i'm not a native english speaker, so there might be mistakes. If you find incorrect english labels, please report an issue about it.


(last update: version 1.0.0)

Tools in italic can be disabled.

Classic tools

These tools have many options (colors, antialiasing, size, gradients, dashes, outline style, …) that are not listed here.

  • Pencil
  • Brushes (pressure sensitive):
    • Simple round brush
    • Hairy brush
    • Airbrush
    • Calligraphic nibs
  • Eraser
  • Highlighter
  • Line
  • Curve
  • Insert text
  • Insert points, to help captioning
  • Shape:
    • rectangle
    • rounded rectangle
    • circle
    • oval
    • polygon
    • free shape
  • Color picker
  • Paint

Selection tools

These tools allow you to define an area (rectangle or free), which you can move, cut, copy, paste, edit with any transformation tool, export, open as a new image, etc.

  • Rectangle selection
  • Free shape selection
  • Adjacent color selection

Transformation tools

These tools can edit the whole image, or edit a selected part of it.

  • Crop
  • Scale
  • Rotate (rotate or flip)
  • Filters:
    • Saturation (increase or decrease)
    • Transparency
    • Increase contrast
    • Blur (various types)
    • Pixelization
    • Invert colors
  • Skew


The settings are managed by the Gio.Settings abstraction, which will probably corresponds to the dconf database once the app is installed as a native package.

With flatpak however, the settings are stored in a key-value file, which can be found (and edited) at ~/.var/app/com.github.maoschanz.drawing/config/glib-2.0/settings/keyfile.

Donations (paypal)

To contribute

the code is under GPL3, some tools icons are from here or from the Adwaita icon theme.