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Calculate the distance bewteen 2 points on Earth
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Calculate the distance (in various units) between two points on Earth using their latitude and longitude.


Calculate the distance between Lyon and Paris

from haversine import haversine, Unit

lyon = (45.7597, 4.8422) # (lat, lon)
paris = (48.8567, 2.3508)

haversine(lyon, paris)
>> 392.2172595594006  # in kilometers

haversine(lyon, paris, unit=Unit.MILES)
>> 243.71201856934454  # in miles

# you can also use the string abbreviation for units:
haversine(lyon, paris, unit='mi')
>> 243.71201856934454  # in miles

haversine(lyon, paris, unit=Unit.NAUTICAL_MILES)
>> 211.78037755311516  # in nautical miles

The haversine.Unit enum contains all supported units:

import haversine



(<Unit.FEET: 'ft'>, <Unit.INCHES: 'in'>, <Unit.KILOMETERS: 'km'>, 
 <Unit.METERS: 'm'>, <Unit.MILES: 'mi'>, <Unit.NAUTICAL_MILES: 'nmi'>)


$ pip install haversine


Clone the project.

Install pipenv.

Run pipenv install --dev

Launch test with pipenv run pytest

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