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Format code in Xcode 8+ with clang-format
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This plugin written for Xcode 8's new plugin infrastructure uses Clang's libclangFormat library to format code according to a .clang-format file.

Open the app, select a predefined style, or open the .clang-format file from your project:

Then, use the Format Source Code command in Xcode's Editor menu:

Due to macOS Sandboxing restrictions, this Plugin behaves slightly differently compared to the command line clang-format command: It always uses the style selected in the configuration app, and will not use the nearest .clang-format file on disk.


Download the precompiled app or build it yourself, then open the app. You might have to right click on the app bundle, and choose Open to run non-codesigned applications. Then,

  • On OS X 10.11, you'll need to run sudo /usr/libexec/xpccachectl, then reboot to enable app extensions.
  • On macOS Sierra, extensions should be loaded by default.

Then, go to System PreferencesExtensions, and make sure that clang-format in the Xcode Source Editor section is checked:

Keyboard shortcut

To define a keyboard shortcut, open System Preferences, click on Keyboard, and switch to the Shortcuts tab. In the list on the left, select App Shortcuts, then hit the + button. Select Xcode, enter Format Source Code, and define a shortcut of your liking.


To build XcodeClangFormat, run ./configure on the command line, then build the XcodeClangFormat scheme in the included Xcode project.


Why aren't you just using the .clang-format file in the file's parent folder?

Xcode code formatting extensions are severely limited and don't have access to the file system. They also don't get to know the file name of the file to be changed, so there's no way for this extension to load the correct file.

Could you please add “Format on Save”?

The Xcode extension mechanism doesn't allow that; the only thing you can do is return the altered source code.

Why doesn't the menu item show up?

If you're using macOS Sierra, please follow the installing guide. on OS X 10.11, I haven't found a way to make this extension work besides manually building it.

When compiling, I'm getting 'clang/Format/Format.h' file not found.

Make sure that you're running ./configure in the root folder. This downloads and unpacks the precompiled libraries and headers from the that are required for compiling.

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