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For Unity 2017.1.2+

AR support requires Unity 2017.3+, Android 7+ (Nougat), iOS 11.3

Find the AR specific README here.

If AR support is not needed these subfolders of sdkproject/Assets/ maybe deleted:

  • MapboxAR
  • UnityARInterface
  • GoogleARCore
  • UnityARKitPlugin

(for 5.4x compatible versions, please use this commit)

Tools for using Mapbox APIs with C# / Unity. If you'd like to contribute to the project, read

This repo contains:

  • Unity specific tools and libraries for processing Mapbox data
    • Example projects using Mapbox Maps SDK for Unity
    • DocFX project for generating API documentation
    • Written manuals and guides

Getting started

Versioned SDK (easy, current stable release)

  • Download unitypackage from
  • If you've installed the SDK before, delete Assets/Mapbox folder from your project
  • Within Unity: Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package... -> All -> Import, wait 😏

From this Repository (advanced, latest development)

Downloading the repo as a zip does not work!

git clone
cd mapbox-unity-sdk

Windows: update-mapbox-unity-sdk-core.bat

Linux/Mac: ./


Documentation is generated using DocFX from this repo and is hosted at:

Building a Unity Package

To build a Unity Package for import into your own project from the included sdkproject:

  1. Select Mapbox folder in the project view.
  2. Right-click and choose Export Package....

screen shot 2017-05-26 at 1 14 01 pm

  1. Uncheck Include Dependencies.

screen shot 2017-05-26 at 1 14 55 pm

  1. Click Export and choose a location.