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Gisty allows you to paste code to


The following options are available:

  • --login : Your Git username
  • --password : Your Git password
  • --filename : The file to be added to gist
  • --description : The description of your new gist
  • --private : Add this option to make your gist private
  • --ext : The extension of your file for syntax highlight. eg: .py, .c, .cs, .pl, .diff etc.

Warning : Private gist are not secured. Anyone with the URL can access them.


Run the following commands:

git clone
cd gisty

You can now access gisty by doing the following; bin/gisty


After installing gisty, you can start using it. cat 'yourfile.txt' | bin/gisty --login=yourusername

Gisty will return the url of your gist in the terminal. If you have pbcopy installed, the url will be copied to your clipboard.

File Extension

By default, gist will consider your file as a text file. To add an extension to your file, and add a better syntax, use the --ext command For example : git diff | gisty --ext=.diff Will show a colored diff syntax with green / red background. cat | gisty Will add syntax for python etc.


I've added gist to my ~/bin/ folder

vim ~/bin/gisty

Then add :


~/bin/gist/bin/gisty --login=yourusername $*

That way I can use gisty anytime and anywhere :)

echo 'Hi gisty ! ' | gisty 

Will return

echo 'Hi gisty!' | gisty
Password for yourusername@github:


This project is a fork of a gist by Marc Abramowitz.