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Qt image plugin for loading raw files, via libraw. Once installed, it enables all Qt applications to load raw files produced by most digital cameras.

The code is licensed udner the GPL v3 licence. If you need to distribute it under a different license, please contact me at info@mardy.it


The QtRaw plugin depends on Qt and libraw. In order to build it, make sure you have the necessary development packages installed. Under Ubuntu, this can be achieved by running these commands:

sudo apt-get install libraw-dev qtbase5-dev

for building with Qt 5, or

sudo apt-get install libraw-dev libqt4-dev

for building with Qt 4. Alternatively, you can find the libraw source code at http://www.libraw.org/download

Once the dependencies are set up, the following commands will build and install the plugin into your system:

qmake make sudo make install

If everything worked correctly, all Qt applications should be able to load and display raw camera files.