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A natural language processing toolkit for Pharo Smalltalk
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Natural Language Processing Library for Pharo Smalltalk

Copyright 2005 to 2014 by Mark Watson

License: AGPL 3.0 (Note: I own the copyright of all of the code in this project; contact me if you need a commercial license.)


Change directory to of your Pharo Smalltalk installation and perform a git pull on this project:

git clone

On a Mac, change directory into the App folder that defines the Pharo application: Contents/Resources. On my system this is:

cd ~/

Part Of Speech Tagging

Open a File Browser and fileIn the source file. Open a Class Browser and and look at the code in the KBnlp class.

Open a Workspace and one time only evaluate:

NLPtagger initializeLexicon

Note (5/2/2014): after the text file is processed, the lexicon dictionary is inspected:

lex inspect.

If the inspector window shows an empty dictionary then the file lexicon.txt was not found.

Try tagging a sentence:

NLPtagger pptag: 'The dog ran down the street'


I am using NeoJSON to parse the category word count data.

One time initialization:

NLPcategories initializeCategoryHash

Try it:

 NLPcategories classify: 'The economy is bad and taxes are too high.'

Entity Recognition

Implemented for products, companies, places, and people's names.

One time initialization:

 NLPentities initializeEntities


NLPentities entities: 'The Coca Cola factory is in London'
    -->  a Dictionary('companies'->a Set('Coca Cola') 'places'->a Set('London') 'products'->a Set('Coca Cola') )

NLPentities humanNameHelper: 'John Alex Smith and Andy Jones went to the store.'
    --> a Set('John Alex Smith' 'Andy Jones')
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