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gitenvs is a "git" developer tool to automatically maintain "testing" environment branches. The github integration provides a seamless way of hooking up your github projects into gitenvs.

Registration to gitenvs is required prior to installing the github integration

A step by step guide on installing the github integration correctly can be viewed here:

  • Automatic Builds: If a feature branch has been updated, gitenvs will rebuild the environment with the newest changes
  • Build Notifications: gitenvs will let you know if your environments has merge conflicts
  • Reapply Conflicts: automatically applies resolved merged conflicts, allowing you to keep feature branches separate
  • Check Environment: Keep confusion to a minimal by allowing the team to easily check which features exist in which environments
  • Add / Remove Branches: gitenvs makes it easy to add and remove feature branches from environments
  • Collaborate Easily: The days when your team members overwrote your environment by accident is now in the past.
Quick and easy repo installation

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Service plans are offered within gitenvs account management

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