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Click-Thru Prototype

A Sketch plugin that creates a HTML click-through prototype of a website design so you can give your clients an idea what the website will look like. Here's an example of a website generated by the plugin. Change the width of the browser to see the different responsive designs.



To install, download the zip file and double-click on Click-Thru-Prototype.sketchplugin. The commands will show up under Plugins > Click-Thru Prototype. To see it in action, open demo.sketch and then select Plugins > Click-Thru Prototype > Export to HTML.


You can create links between artboards, add external links or show a JavaScript dialog. When you're finished adding these you can generate a HTML website of the current page by selecting Export to HTML. The generated files can then be uploaded to a server so you can show your client.

Responsive Design

The plugin can handle responsive design, you just need to start your artboards with the same name e.g. index, index tablet, index mobile. When you change the width of your browser it will show a different artboard in the exported website. You can turn this feature off by unchecking Responsive artboards in Settings. You may need to update your artboard links after turning this setting on or off.

Responsive artboards

Mobile Menu

On mobile you will want to show a mobile menu rather than the normal horizontal menu. To do this you need to select which layer is the button that shows the menu by selecting Set Mobile Menu Button, and which layer is the mobile menu by selecting Set Mobile Menu.

Mobile menu

Retina Images

By default it will show 2x images for high pixel density screens. To turn this off uncheck Export retina images in Settings and re-export the page.


Sketch plugin that creates a HTML click-through prototype of a website design





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