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As I get around to writing up tutorials or reviewing those made by others, I'll add them to this list. If you've written or know of a tutorial that should be listed here, let me know. You can also request tutorials through the GitHub ticketing system.

I'm planning a series of videos that I'll post here as I get them done. Playlist. Prioritization request count in parentheses.

  • Introduction to Roxy for MarkLogic: What is Roxy? Why use it? Where do I get it?
  • Getting Started: What can the ml script do? What kinds of applications are supported? How do I get the script? How do I create a project?
  • Configuration: What files control the configuration? How can I make things different across environments? How do I add environments?
  • Managing Indexes: How do I add and remove indexes and word lexicons?
  • Deploying Code
  • Loading Data
  • The REST API - options and properties
  • The REST API - extensions
  • Upgrading Roxy
  • Working with Application Builder
  • Unit Testing
  • Security
  • Content Processing Framework
  • Using Corb
  • MVC: Concepts (+1)
  • MVC: Controllers & Models (+1)
  • MVC: Views & Layouts (+1)





MarkLogic's REST API

Roxy MVC