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TypeScript with React and JSX

This example repo is illustrating usage of TypeScript with React and JSX syntax support in TypeScript's compiler via .tsx file extension.

⚠️ This project is outdated and deprecated

This example came to life in a different time, when TypeScript was just starting to be popular, when JSX syntax support was a new thing for TypeScript, the official documentation on this topic was scarce, and tools like create-react-app did not exist yet.

If you're learning about how to configure a TypeScript project to add Webpack and React, the official TypeScript documentation explains it well, and will likely remain up to date in the future.
See React & Webpack · TypeScript.

If you're looking for a quick way to start a new React project with TypeScript, my favourite way is create-react-app using the --typescript flag.
You can also check out the official TypeScript-React-Starter template project.


  • Have node.js installed.
  • Have TypeScript Definition manager (tsd) installed globally: npm install tsd -g
  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Run npm install to get all dependencies and install typings.
  3. Run tsd install to get all type definitions.
  4. Run npm start to run Webpack dev server.
  5. Navigate to localhost:8080 to view the page (it's nothing impressive, really).

Problems or errors

If you notice anything wrong with this example, please report it under issues.

And if you're feeling extra helpful, pull requests are always welcome!


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