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Repo for building my ghost driven, github hosted blog.

There are a couple of post-Buster steps to clean up some of the output from that program.

  • Switch in to Ghost directory using node command prompt and start ghost using
npm start

Note: that ghost runs with node 0.10.x. I have multiple versions of node installed so before starting ghost I select the version of node to use for ghost using nvmw in my node command prompt in the ghost directory:

nvmw use 0.10.9
  • Make desired change. Note: if your desired change involves deleting anything then you should perform a
gulp deep-clean

before executing the buster steps. This is because the buster generate does not clean out the destination directory.

  • Open an admin console and switch in to buster directory

  • Execute the following command:

buster generate --domain=http://localhost:2368 --dir=C:\mark\ghost-builder-dir\static\
  • Switch in to ghost-builder-dir and execute the following command:
gulp shallow-clean
gulp build
  • Switch in to folder and execute the following commands:
git commit -m "my commit comment"
git push

Voila a new freely hosted blog post.

[^1]: Using GitHub Pages with Ghost and Buster on Windows (part 1)

[^2]: Using GitHub Pages with Ghost and Buster on Windows (part 2)

[^3]: This is not a perfect process so it's worth keeping an eye out for odd errors that appear. Look at the gulp.replace tasks for examples that have occurred.

[^4]: This is the expected folder structure for this to work without changes:

+-- buster
+-- ghost-0.6.4
|   +-- content\images
|   +-- content\themes\slimpost-master\assets
+-- ghost-builder
|   +-- .git
|   +-- .gitignore
|   +--gulpfile.js
|   +--LICENSE
    |   +-- .git
    |   +-- .gitignore
    |   +-- CNAME
    |   +--
    |   +-- gulp generated dynamic content
    |   +-- buster generated dynamic content

[^5]: Substitute the name of your repo for markstownsend. As noted else where for this to work your repo must be named the same as your Github username.


Ghost, Nodejs, Gulp for building a ghost blog.




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