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ACF Block Components Plugin for WordPress with theme template overrides
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ACF Block Components for WordPress

ACF Blocks plugin for WordPress for displaying custom content within pages and posts. Requires Advanced Custom Fields Pro, ACF Term and Taxonomy Chooser, ACF Post Type Selector and ACF Widget Area Field.

Recommended for use with ACF Options Page and Pink Spring Theme

Works with most standard WordPress themes.

Custom Blocks (Flexible Fields)

  1. Single Column Content with heading
  2. Dual Column Content with heading
  3. Content with Callout and heading
  4. Hero Image with text and call to action buttons
  5. Video/Embedded Media with text and call to action buttons
  6. Slider with text and links
  7. Feature Boxes (post content, latest post, or manual)
  8. Call to Action with heading, subheading, buttons
  9. Logo Feature with image/link repeater
  10. Widget Area
  11. Post List
  12. Post Grid
  13. Manual List
  14. Manual Grid
  15. Tabs
  16. Gallery (using WordPress Gallery)
  17. Multi-Buttons

Page Templates (block templates coming soon, once WordPress supports them)

  1. Custom Block Template (adds ability to hide or show the main page title)
  2. Single Scroll Template (adds ability to output other pages below the main page, also background image)

Vague Description of How To Use

  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Build posts and pages using Custom Blocks
  3. Supports regular, wide, and full alignment
  4. Several blocks have custom background colors
  5. Can filter custom ACF colors to match your theme by targeting mtm_block_colors_filter

Vague Description of How To Theme

  1. Create a folder called mtm-templates in the root of your theme or child theme
  2. Copy any of the block or content template parts in the plugin templates folder into your mtm-templates folder, and modify/style them at will. The plugin will automatically override them.
  3. To call any of the custom template parts from another part of your theme, use the mtm_get_block_part() function
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