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Jupyter kernels for GAP
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jupyter-kernel-gap (DEPRECATED)

NOTE that this kernel is DEPRECATED in favour of the native GAP kernel and currently does not have a maintainer.

If you would like to take over maintainership of the code, contact me by email.

A Jupyter kernel for the GAP Computer Algebra System.


You need a very recent version (current master or wait for GAP 4.9) of GAP installed, and either gap has to be in your PATH or you have to set the environment variable JUPYTER_GAP_EXECUTABLE to your gap executable.

To install the kernel

    python install

or if you want to install the latest released version

    pip install jupyter-kernel-gap

should work, too.

Getting Started

To use jupyter-kernel-gap, use one of the following:

    jupyter notebook
    jupyter qtconsole --kernel gap
    jupyter console --kernel gap

If you want to use the JUPYTER_DotSplash function, you will need graphviz installed and in the path. If you want to use JUPYTER_TikZSplash, you will need a TeX installation including the TikZ packages with pdflatex and and pdf2svg installed.

Bug reports and feature requests

Please submit bug reports and feature requests via our GitHub issue tracker:


jupyter-kernel-gap is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the BSD 3-clause license.

For details see the file LICENSE.