simple utility to simplifiy and chain using setTimeout/setInterval, especially for coffeescript
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this package provides a utility function which unifies the setTimeout and 
setInterval functions. 

It also provides a comfortable way to chain multiple
setTimeouts with different timeouts and even a finally setInterval with
the same callback. 

An additional feature is the auto interval function which applies
a simple setInterval which triggers at event time slots, ie
if you call the function with an interval of 15*60*1000 
(15 minutes) your callback will be triggered at 00:15:00, 00:30:00, and so on.

	// simple setTimeout
	// same as setTimeout( cb, 200);
	timer(200, cb);
	// setTimeout with same callback after 200ms and after 400ms
	// the second array element is also 200ms because it is set up after the first one (200ms+200ms = 400ms)
	timer( [200,200], cb );
	// same as 
	// setTimeout( 200, cb );
	// setTimeout( 400, cb );

	// simple setInterval
	// same as setInterval(cb,2000);
	// setting up a interval after a timeout
	// this one will trigger cb after:
	//  500ms, 2500ms, 4500ms, 6500ms, ...
	// auto slot a interval (for example if you want your callback to be triggered at 00:15:00, 00:30:00, ..)*60*1000, cb);
	// clearing a timeout:
	o = timer(500,cb);
	// if you use the clear() function on a timer with multiple timeouts or intevals, ALL of them will be cleared,
	// so your callback won't be triggered any more
	# with coffeescript the utility functions are even more handy
	timer 200, -> console.log 'hello'
	timer [500,200], -> console.log 'hello after 500ms and 700ms'
	# BONG every 30min at even time slots (0:00, 0:30, ..)
	{clear} = 30*60*1000, -> console.log 'BONG'
	# end the BONG interval after 5h
	timer 5*60*60*1000, clear

QUESTIONS or feedback?
	you are welcome, send me an email at