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A laravel package that allows you to use two caching engines, one as a fallback for the other
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A laravel package that allows using two caching engines, one as a fallback for the other


Add the following to your composer.json file's require section:

	"masnun/cache": "dev-master"

Run composer update. Composer should install the latest version of the package.

Now, register the Service Provider in app/config/app.php file. Add the following line to the providers array:


You should next register an alias for the API. We recommend MCache. Add the following line to the aliases array in the same file:

'MCache'  => 'Masnun\Cache\CacheFacade',

Let's publish the configuration values for the package. Execute from the command line:

php artisan config:publish masnun/cache

The configuration file will be published to app/config/packages/masnun/cache/cache.php. Please feel free to tweak the values. Here's a short description:

  • primary - the name of the primary cache driver (eg. 'memcached' for memcached )
  • secondary - the name of the fallback cache driver
  • default_expiration - the default value for cache expiration
  • async - should the data be offloaded using background async queues?
  • async_driver - if yes, then using which queue driver?

(PS: The async data offloading still not implemented, it's work in progress).

Code Sample

Route::get('/', function ()
    MCache::put('name', 'masnun', 60);
    return MCache::get('name');

Please feel free to be creative and try the usual Cache APIs. Here's a list of currently implemented methods:

  • put()
  • add()
  • has()
  • get()
  • forever()
  • remember()
  • rememberForever()
  • pull()
  • forget()
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