Configuring Application Preferences

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Configuring Application Preferences

The application preferences can be viewed by going to “Menu” and “Settings”. Or by clicking “Settings” from the first-run screen.

Synchronizer Settings

The Synchronizer Settings portion of the preferences gives you the ability to re-run the initial setup wizard by selecting Re-Run Setup Wizard. If you don’t want to re-run the setup wizard you can choose your Synchronizer under Synchronization Mode and configure it via the Configure Synchronizer Settings.

You can also set up Background Sync and configure the Backup Sync Interval to determine how often changes will be synced automatically.

View Settings

The view settings allow you to change MobileOrg’s behavior when you are viewing certain elements. Use Agenda Titles enables the use of custom agenda titles, this and Combine Block Agendas both require a full resync of any Agenda files (see Clear Database)

The option Wrap Lines enables the use of custom line wrapping when viewing nodes. Here’s an example

Recursion Level Controls how many node levels will be display. By default only the content of the current node will be shown when “Viewing” the node. By changing this you can show how many of the node’s subnodes content are also display. In the image immediately above there are two node levels shown, the top level is “Captures” and “Multi-line test” is the subnode.

Storage Settings

The storage settings allows you to change the storage behavior of mobileorg content, including resetting the internal database. Clearing the database may be required if some of the agenda and calendar options are changed.

Calendar Settings

See the following page on setting up MobileOrg to integrate with Android’s calendar interface:

Setting up Calendar Support