Material Components for React (MDC React)
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Material Components for React (MDC React)

MDC React is the offical implementation of Google's Material Design Components. It is a wrapper library for MDC Web. Please refer to our MDC Web Catalog to play and interact with the Components.



The following is a list of the components that are ready to be used, with corresponding links to the design spec and MDC Web code.

Component Spec MDC Web
Button Button Design Page MDC Button
Card Card Design Page MDC Card
Checkbox Checkbox Design Page MDC Checkbox
Chips Chips Design Page MDC Chips
Drawer Drawer Design Page MDC Drawer
Fab Fab Design Page MDC Fab
Floating Label Text Field Design Page MDC Floating Label
Layout Grid Layout Grid Design Page MDC Layout Grid
Line Ripple Text Field Design Page MDC Line Ripple
List List Design Page MDC List
Material Icon Material Icon Design Page Material Icon Tool
Menu Surface Menu Surface Design Page MDC Menu Surface
Notched Outline Text Field Design Page MDC Notched Outline
Ripple Ripple Design Page MDC Ripple
Select Select Design Page MDC Select
Switch Switch Design Page MDC Switch
Tab Tabs Design Page MDC Tab
Tab Bar Tabs Design Page MDC Tab Bar
Tab Indicator Tabs Design Page MDC Tab Indicator
Text Field Text Field Design Page MDC Text Field
Top App Bar Top App Bar Design Page MDC Top App Bar

Getting Started

With create-react-app

create-react-app is a popular CLI tool to getting started with React. If you're new to React or Webpack, you might be starting out here. This section will walk you through configuring create-react-app to install and use our components.

If you're using an older version (v1) of create-react-app, please refer to our create-react-app-v1 doc.

Recommended things to know

  1. node/npm
  2. JavaScript
  4. ES6

NOTE: If you haven't used create-react-app before, you may want to read the Overview Guide.

Step 1: Install create-react-app

Install create-react-app:

npx create-react-app my-app
cd my-app
npm start

NOTE: all npm commands can be replaced with yarn

Step 2: Install Components

Install Button:

npm install @material/react-button

Step 3: Using Sass

If you want to use the compiled CSS and not customize any colors, text, etc. you can skip to Step 3a.

Most likely you'll want to start using the Sass mixins to customize your app. MDC Sass files are not supported out of the box, since we do not prepend ~ to our module imports. See this Github issue explaining the issue in detail. There is a workaround, but requires some work on your end (we promise it is not too difficult).

Add environment variable

To get MDC React Components to work with create-react-app you need to set a SASS_PATH environment variable that points to your node_modules directory. To quickly do this on OS X or Linux enter the following in your command line:

export SASS_PATH=./node_modules

If you're on Windows use the following:

SET SASS_PATH=.\node_modules

Rename your src/App.css file to src/App.scss. You will also need to install node-sass:

npm install node-sass

If you permanently want to add this to your environment, read adding environment variables. You're now ready to start using MDC React Sass modules in your create-react-app.

NOTE: this assumes that you will run npm start (or yarn start) from the root directory. By default this is how create-react-app is setup.

// ./src/App.scss

@import "@material/react-button/index.scss";
@import "./react-button-overrides";

// ./react-button-overrides.scss

@import "@material/button/mixins";

.button-alternate {
  @include mdc-button-container-fill-color(lightblue);

Step 3a: Use Compiled CSS

If you performed Step 3, then you can skip to Step 4.

If you don't need to customize your app, then using the CSS is a quicker way to get started with MDC React Components. Each package comes with a /dist directory, which includes the CSS files compiled from our Sass files. create-react-app is ready to import CSS files. To import the Button CSS copy the following line into ./src/App.js imports:

import '@material/react-button/dist/button.css';

If you want to use the minified version, the import instead looks like:

import '@material/react-button/dist/button.min.css';

Step 4: Use MDC React Button

Open ./src/App.js. Then replace the boilerplate App code (entire file) with the barebones MDC React Button:

import React, {Component} from 'react';
import Button from '@material/react-button';

import './App.scss';
// add the appropriate line(s) in Step 3a if you are using compiled CSS instead.

class App extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
          onClick={() => console.log('clicked!')}
          Click Me!

export default App;

You can also use these same configurations for your own Webpack build pipeline without create-react-app. But this is the quickest way to getting started with MDC React Components. Button is one of our simpler components, but you should be able to apply these same principles you learn here to any the components. Thanks for trying out MDC React Components, and remember to tell a friend! Enjoy!

Need help

We're constantly trying to improve our components. If Github Issues don't fit your needs, then please visit us on our Discord Channel.