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Material Theme Material Theme

Original colors, original taste.

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The most epic theme meets Visual Studio Code.

Getting started

You can install this awesome theme through the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.


Launch Quick Open:

Paste the following command and press Enter:

ext install equinusocio.vsc-material-theme

And pick the one by Mattia Astorino (Equinusocio) as author.

Activate theme

Launch Quick Open:

Type theme, choose Preferences: Color Theme, and select one of the Material Theme variants from the list. After activation, the theme will set the correct icon theme based on your active theme variant.

Set the accent color

Launch Quick Open:

Type material theme, choose Material Theme: Set accent color, and pick one color from the list.

Override theme colors

Learn how to customize every part of this theme by using Visual Studio Code API. Read more.

Recommended settings for a better experience

    // Controls the line height. Use 0 to compute the lineHeight from the fontSize.
    "editor.lineHeight": 28,
    // Enables font ligatures
    "editor.fontLigatures": "'ss01','ss05','dlig'",
    // Controls if file decorations should use badges.
    "explorer.decorations.badges": false

Official Portings

You can find all the official portings and resources here.

Want to use the legacy version?

If you're looking for the deprecated Community Material Theme you can find it here. This version has been deprecated and removed from the official marketplace.


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