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deal2lkit: A ToolKit library for deal.II (www.dealii.org) Build Status

Copyright (C) 2014 -- 2015 by Luca Heltai (1)

(1) Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati E-mail: luca.heltai@sissa.it

Main Contributors:


This library contains a collection of useful C++ tools and classes developed by the numerical analysis group at SISSA mathlab (www.mathlab.sissa.it) in the last years, based on the deal.II library (www.dealii.org) . In this library we collect all the developed tools which were not subject to licence restrictions. If you find this collection useful, feel free to download, use it and suggest pull requests!

The official distribution is on GitHub, and you can clone the repository using

git clone https://github.com/mathlab/deal2lkit.git

This file is subject to LGPL version 2.1 or later and may not be distributed without copyright and license information. Please refer to section 5 and 6 of this file for further information on this license.

A detailed documentation constructed using Doxygen is accessible here:


1. Deal.II Requirements:

Currently, the distributed source code requires version 8.4 of the deal.II library.

2. Installation procedure:

Clone (or fork) the deal.II ToolKit using

git clone https://github.com/mathlab/deal2lkit.git

The library can then be compiled by running

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DDEAL_II_DIR=/path/to/deal.II ..

and tested using

make setup_tests

You can modify the resulting CMakeCache.txt to set a different installation path, or you can call cmake with the additional option -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/install/dir.

3. Extensive documentation:

A browsable documentation of the library is available at


If the user has the program Doxygen installed, this documentation can be compiled for offline browsing by building the doc target (only available if Doxygen was found during configure time):

make doc

In this case, the documentation will be accessible in the subdirectory


If the user wants the deal.II documentation to be inlined, then the file http://www.dealii.org/developer/doxygen/deal.tag should be downloaded to the building directory before making the documentation, for example, using wget

wget http://www.dealii.org/developer/doxygen/deal.tag
make doc

4. Citing this work

If you use this library, please consider citing the following works:

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5. Licence Information

See the LICENCE file in this directory.