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MATLAB Interface for Azure Data Lake.
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MATLAB Interface for Azure Data Lake Storage

This is a MATLAB® interface that connects to the Azure™ Data Lake™ Storage service.


MathWorks products

  • Requires MATLAB R2017a or later

3rd party products

To build a required JAR file:

  • Maven™
  • JDK 8
  • Microsoft® Azure Data Lake Storage SDK for Java®

Getting Started

The following assumes the following steps described in Getting Started have been completed:

  • Configured Active Directory
  • Configured a Data Lake Storage
  • Installed the MATLAB interface
  • Preferably configured an azuredatalakestore.json credentials file

Create and initialize the Data Lake Client

Run the startup.m file in the /Azure-Data-Lake-Storage/Software/MATLAB directory, this configures required paths in advance of using the client. Then declare and initialize a Client as follows:

dlClient =;

Creating a directory

Creating directory: myDirName

ans =



Uploading a file to Data Lake

upload() can be used to upload an arbitrary local file to a given location on Data Lake as follows:

dlClient.upload('myadlfilename.csv', 'mylocalfilename.csv');

Downloading a file from Data Lake

Files can be downloaded from Data Lake using the download method as follows:'myadlfilename.csv', 'mylocalfilename.csv');

Deleting a file

Delete a file or directory as follows:

tf = dlClient.delete('/my/path/to/file1.mat');

Deleting a client

When finished using a client it is good practice to delete it as follows:


Supported Products

MathWorks Products (

  1. MATLAB (R2017a or later)
  2. MATLAB Compiler and Compiler SDK (R2017a or later)
  3. MATLAB Production Server (R2017a or later)
  4. MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (R2017a or later)

This package is primarily tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10.


The license for the MATLAB Interface for Azure Data Lake Storage is available in the LICENSE.TXT file in this GitHub repository. This package uses certain third-party content which is licensed under separate license agreements. See the pom.xml file for third-party software downloaded at build time.

Enhancement Request

Provide suggestions for additional features or capabilities using the following link:



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