Adds some enhancements to rdio.
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rdio enhancer

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Bitcoin: 1FFjtKvsn4miNmHpt9H9opM2ymNtDLtpL

Current Features

  • Favorites
    • Export to CSV
    • View Unavailable Albums
  • Playlist Additions
    • Sort Playlist
      • Sort by Artist, Album, Song Name, Release Date, Play Count, Reverse, or Randomize
    • Remove Duplicates
    • Export to CSV
    • Fork Playlist
    • Add playlists to other playlists


Please edit the rdio-enhancer.ts file which is a TypeScript file.

Create a pull request with any changes for review.



v 2.10.3

  • Fixes

    • Fix issue with escaping quotes in csv export

v 2.10.2

  • Fixes

    • Fix string issue in escaping quotes

v 2.10.1

  • Fixes

    • Escape quotes in csv export #65
    • Fix export of larger than 30000 songs #66

v 2.10

v 2.9

v 2.8.5

  • Fixes

    • update getTracksInCollection API call to handle large collections over 15000+ tracks

v 2.8.4

  • Fixes

    • Handle edge case in which source has no attributes. Thanks @seans23
    • update getTracksInCollection API call to only get 1000 tracks at a time to prevent server errors with large libraries

v 2.8.3

  • Fixes

    • Fix Export Favorites to CSV

v 2.8.2

  • Fixes

    • Fix add playlist to other playlists so it works again

v 2.8.1

  • Fixes

    • Fix more menu on albums

v 2.8

  • Fixes

    • Fix the menu items not showing up after Rdio update
  • New

    • Sort Playlist by Play Count

v 2.7.5

  • Fixes

    • Sorting by Artist ignores the "The" and "A" at the beginning of the name - Marc Shilling
    • Fix forking and adding a playlist to a playlist to make sure all tracks are loaded first

v 2.7.4

  • Fixes

    • Re-Add playlist controls to new playlist menus

v 2.7.3

  • Fixes

    • Fixed chrome notification if you were using them

v 2.7.2

  • Fixes

    • Fixed randomize playlist

v 2.7.1

  • New

v 2.7

  • Fixes

    • Fix playlist sorting to handle Rdio lazy load of playlists (this made sorting unloaded playlists slow)
  • New

v 2.6.1

  • Fixes

v 2.6

  • New

v 2.5.3

  • Fixes

    • Fix options menu due to Rdio update

v 2.5.2

  • New

    • Options menu in the top right of Rdio
    • Settings for notifications

v 2.5.1

  • Fixes

    • Fixed Remove Duplicates feature that broke recently
    • Fixed an issue with Rdio Enhancer not loading all of the time

v 2.5

v 2.4.5

  • Fixes

    • Fix a loading issue from a race condition with rdio core

v 2.4.4

  • Fixes

    • Fix Regression of the stock create playlists

v 2.4.3

  • Fixes

    • Fix Fork Playlist

v 2.4.2

  • Fixes

    • Fix adding to playlist errors from rdio updates

v 2.4.1

  • Fixes

    • Fix all rdio enhancer features that broke due to the rdio data model changes

v 2.4

  • Fixes

    • Improve rendering of menu options
  • New Features

    • Re-implement adding playlists to playlists (Add to Playlist option under add to playlist when viewing playlists)

v 2.3.1

  • Fixes

    • Fix Fork Playlist

v 2.3

  • New Features

    • Can now Randomize a playlist. Thanks to TwoSlick

v 2.2

  • New Features

    • New notification system since Rdio's built in notification system doesn't exist anymore

v 2.1.1

  • Fixes

    • Fixed minor bug in in Sort by Artist not sorting some playlists

v 2.1

  • New Features

    • Re-implemented remove duplicates from playlists
    • Re-implemented fork playlists

v 2.0

  • New Features

    • This is a complete rewrite since Rdio changed their complete interface
    • All old features lost
    • New fewture with this release is Sort Playlists

v 1.6.2

  • Fixes

    • Fix sorting by Artist if the Album Artist is not the same as the track Artist

v 1.6.1

  • Fixes

    • Change all user visable instances of Track to Song

v 1.6

  • New features

    • Export Playlists to CSV

v 1.5

  • New features

    • Add Play Next option to everything

v 1.4

  • New features

    • Save current queue or station as a playlist

v 1.3

  • New features

    • Remove duplicates from Playlists
    • Move song to top of the playlist


Nicolas @cotenoni GitHub

  • Add Tags to Albums feature

Sean Smith

  • Sort by Release Date
  • Reverse sorting
  • Only show sort options on Playlists you have permission to edit


  • Randomize Playlist

rdio extension

  • rdio Code Injection
  • "Add Album to Playlist"
  • release script

Crystal Project Icons

  • Icon files to create icon


  • Great music listening service.
  • Please subscribe to rdio if you use this!