Take the output of Rhubarb (https://github.com/DanielSWolf/rhubarb-lip-sync) and turn it into ffmpeg-powered video
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rhubarb crumble

This is just a wrapper around other smart tools. rhubarb-lip-sync is a tool for generating a sequence of mouth shapes for a given audio file (and transcript). This tool takes rhubarb's output, converts it into ffconcat instructions, and sends this to ffmpeg to output a video made up of still mouth shape images, accompanied by the original audio track.


  1. ffmpeg installed globally
  2. A local copy of rhubarb (https://github.com/DanielSWolf/rhubarb-lip-sync)
  3. A .wav audio file of speech
  4. A plain text transcript of this speech


  1. Place the rhubarb executable for your system inside the /rhubarb directory and ensure the path to it in app.js is correct
  2. (optional) add image sets to data/img/<shape-name>/<shape>.jpg – or use the built in ones (taken from rhubarb)


Generate an animation video from the default images:

node app.js -t speech.txt -s speech.wav -o out.mp4

Specify a custom set of shape images:

node app.js -t speech.txt -s speech.wav -o out.mp4 -i shape-name

Skip the extended shapes (see rhubarb docs):

node app.js -t speech.txt -s speech.wav -o out.mp4 --skipExtended