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A friendlier interface for Django admin logs.
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django-admin-sentry is an interactive admin log viewer designed to let you do something useful with your logs.

As of this sub-1.0 release, interaction with the admin logging system is fairly limited, but it is more robust than the default system. (Admittedly, this isn't saying much.)

Also included is a LogEntryAdmin view, so your log entries will be browsable from the normal admin panel. :)


First, install the package:

$ pip install git+git://

Then, add the following to your package's settings.INSTALLED_APPS:

'paging', 'admin_sentry',

'paging' must precede 'admin_sentry'.

Finally, add the following lines to your project's

import admin_sentry

urlpatterns = pattern('', ... (r'^admin_sentry/', include('admin_sentry.urls')), ...

Logging in

Navigate to If you are not logged into your app's admin panel, you'll be prompted to log in. Once you do, you'll then see the interface.


django-admin-sentry is modeled on heavily David Cramer's excellent django-sentry. If you are familiar with Sentry then AdminSentry will not seem foreign to you whatsoever.

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