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PDPD meetup site

A home for the Perth Django and Python community.

Please check out our group page for more details

And our Slack Channel

Developing Locally

This project runs python3 because nobody uses python2 anymore.

Install pipenv

if you do not already have pipenv installed, you should do it! follow the instructions here

you may also want to consider install pyenv if you haven't already done so for python version support with pipenv.

Creating the virtual environment

move to the directory with this file in it and run the following command

pipenv install --dev

this will install all the required packages for production and development.

Activating the virtual environment

If your shell hasn't automatically enabled your virtual environment, you should now be able to access your virtual environment with this command

pipenv shell

Setting up the local development database

Run these commands to apply the latest migrations

python migrate

Running the local development server

Now you should be able to run the local dev server by running this command

python runserver


It doesn't look like anyone has written any tests, Pull requests welcome!

Code style


code is formatted with black Please consider running black over your files before you commit them.

to run black go to the directory this file is in and run the following command.

black .


To help editor with code formatting rules, we use a .editorconfig file (, most modern code editors support this, some like VS Code require a plugin, see the link above for information on your editor of choice.



requirements.txt is for Heroku.

Heroku now prefers to use Pipfile over requirements.txt, so as long as you've installed your package with pipenv install and not pip install you shouldn't need to do anything else!


Install Heroku Client to get the heroku command:

Login to Heroku with Toolbelt:

  • heroku login

Clone pdpdmeetup repository:

  • git clone

Add heroku remote URL:

  • cd pdpdmeetup
  • git remote add heroku

Deploy! (Probably fail if you don't have permission on Heroku, please ask Matt for access)

  • git push heroku master

Other useful info (especially for beginners)

Indent standard = 4 spaces

project root - This is the folder where all files relating to the project and its apps are stored. Path = /pdpdmeetup/

project app - This is the core app for the project. Essentially its just the first app that got created and often contains core logic or shared files such as common templates. Path = /pdpdmeetup/pdpdmeetup/

Templates are split into two locations.

  1. Project templates which are shared amongst all apps are stored under the project app's templates folder Path = /pdpdmeetup/pdpdmeetup/templates

  2. App templates which are app specific (where app1 is the app name) Path = pdpdmeetup/app1/templates


Perth Django and Python Programmers




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