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Clojure rest api used to demonstrate usage of the Clojure ecosystem for an Ippon Blog Article
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This application is a simple demonstration api used for an ippon-article about Clojure. It demonstrates usage of compojure, ring, cheshire, mock, schema ...


You will need Leiningen 2.0.0 or above installed. See the dependencies status above for more info on libraries status.


To launch tests for this application, run :

lein test

To test coverage, the project uses the Cloverage plugin, just launch :

lein cloverage

If you want to launch the linter, use the following command :

lein eastwood


Before running the server for the first time, don't forget to run the following command :

lein migrate

To start a web server for the application, run:

lein ring server

Then, to access the swagger ui, go to http://localhost:8080/api-docs/

The application resorts to an h2 database for both testing and running, since it is just a demonstration. You don't need to start a database or anything, everything is stored temporarily in the resources/env/db folder.


To package this application for production, use the following command :

lein ring uberjar

However do not forget to :

  • Add production paths for resources to project.clj
  • Add a production folder to the project in resources, containing corresponding configuration files

Quick look


Apache 2.0 License

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