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================= Git: Crash course

How git is controlled

General config file

~/.gitconfig : Usually holds your name and email address

	email =
	name = Michele Mattioni

And different customizations, like alias:

	st = status
	ci = commit
	co = checkout

git co == git checkout (saving 6 chrs) git ci == git commit (saving 4 chrs) git st == git status (saving 4 chrs)

Project based config files

  • repo/.gitconfig --> Holds the structure of the repo and branches
  • repo/.gitignore --> Ignore file which you don't wont to add to the project (*.pyc, *.class, ..)

What's gonna happen


Working offline

  • Create a repo git init
  • Commit, add, log, GUI git ci, git add, git log, gitg
  • Intro to branches git co -b
  • 3 ways merge git mergetool

Going online

  • Exportng the repo to github git push
  • Push/Pull system git pull
  • Forking someone else repo handy github button

Making your life easier

Testing a new insertion..

Inserting text from improving_master branch