A project to familiarize students with shell scripting
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Shell scripting

In this project, you will construct scripts to do the following:

  • gordo: Find the five folders in the current directory consuming the most space.

  • mp3dups: Report duplicate MP3s (by file contents, not file name) on a computer.

  • recap: Take a list of names whose first and last names have been lower-cased, and properly recapitalize them.

  • oxbane: Find all words in English that have x as their second letter, and n as their second-to-last.

  • rot13: Apply rot13 encoding/decoding to standard in.

  • space-invader: Replace all spaces in a filename with underscore for a given directory.

  • intersect: Computes the lines common to two files.

  • crackgen: Generates a password hash file from a dictionary.

  • passcrack: Attempts to crack a password database whose passwords were hashed but not salted using the output of the previous program.

  • validate: Validates a username and password against a database whose passwords have been properly salted and hashed.

Recommended tools: bash or zsh, md5sum, diff, sort, uniq, cut, sed, awk, du.


Running make test will run all of your scripts against the supplied test inputs in the data directory. The results will be dumped into the results directory for inspection.

Running make compare will diff the results directory with the supplied expected-results directory, which contains the output of the tools when run against the provided test inputs in the data directory.


Complete each of the scripts in the ./scripts directory according to the specification in the comments.

You can use any programming language you want that exists on the server, as long as the script has the desired behavior when executed.

WARNING: Do not delete the comment lines. The project spec may be updated/clarified, and in the process, these comments may be updated. If you modify them, you could might get conflicts when you pull changes from the master.

If you think a specification is ambiguous, please email me immediately for a ruling.