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= mruby-curl

mruby-curl is an mruby wrapper for libcurl.

== Usage


curl =

headers = {
  'User-Agent' => 'mruby-curl'

response = curl.get("", headers)

puts response.body

mruby-curl has support for HTTP methods DELETE, GET, PATCH, POST, and PUT through instance methods on the Curl object and supports arbitrary HTTP requests using Curl#send with an HTTP::Request object from mruby-http.

=== Use HTTP 1.0 instead of 1.1

curl =
curl.HTTP_VERSION = Curl::HTTP_1_0
response = curl.get("")

== Threaded use

By default mruby-curl does not call curl_global_init. If you are using mruby-curl in a multithreaded environment you must call it yourself.

If threads are started from within mruby the Curl.global_init method will initialize curl with the default flags. You must call it before starting threads that will use mruby-curl methods.

If mruby is started from a multi-threaded program you must call curl_global_init before starting any mruby threads.

See the curl_global_init documentation for more details.

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