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Doxygen Docker Action

This GitHub Action will build doxygen docs from the specified doxyfile.

Use with an action such as actions-gh-pages to deploy to your project's GitHub pages site!

NOTE: If you are using dot/graphviz in your doxygen config to generate diagrams the only fonts installed, and hence can be used are those in the GNU FreeFont package (FreeSans, FreeMono and FreeSerif) or in any package listed in additional-packages.


Previously, versions of this action incremented as changes were made to the repo. However, this has now been changed so the tagged versions of this action match the doxygen versions they relate to. An edge tag has been created, tracking the version of doxygen available on the alpine edge tag.

Supported Tags

Action Version Doxygen Version Alpine Version Tag Aliases
edge 1.9.4-r0 edge
1.9.4 1.9.4-r0 3.16.0 v1, v1.9
1.9.2 1.9.2-r1 3.15.0
1.9.1 1.9.1-r1 3.14.3
1.8.18 1.8.18-r0 3.12.9 v1.8



Optional Path of the working directory to change to before running doxygen. Default: .


Optional Path of the Doxyfile relative to the working directory. Default: ./Doxyfile.


Optional Flag to enable make-ing of the LaTeX part of the doxygen output. Default: false.


Optional Additional Alpine packages to install in the environment (i.e. font packages)

Example usage with additional font package

uses: mattnotmitt/doxygen-action@v1.9.4
    additional-packages: font-fira-code

Example usage with set working dir and doxyfile path (no LaTeX)

uses: mattnotmitt/doxygen-action@v1.9.4
    working-directory: 'submodule/'
    doxyfile-path: 'docs/Doxygen'

Example usage (with LaTeX)

uses: mattnotmitt/doxygen-action@v1.9.4
    working-directory: 'submodule/'
    doxyfile-path: 'docs/Doxygen'
    enable-latex: true