Cassandra client library for PHP
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Cassandra client library for PHP, using the native binary protocol.


PHP 5.3+ is required. There is no need for additional libraries.

Basic usage



// Connect to server.
$connection = new Cassandra\Connection('localhost', 'test');

// If you have slow connect - try to use IP instead (Windows bug)
// $connection = new Cassandra\Connection('', 'test');

// Run query.
$rows = $connection->query('SELECT * FROM user');

// Get rowcount.
echo "Rows: " . $rows->count() . "\n";

// Fetch results.
foreach ($rows as $row) {

You can also specify a list of servers to connect to a random server from the list:

$connection = new Cassandra\Connection(array('host:port', 'host:port'), 'namespace');


The resultset is inherited from the Iterator class and can therefore be used in foreach loops. It is also possible to use its internal functions in a while loop:

while ($rows->valid()) {
  $row = $rows->current();

Column specification

It is possible to get a specification of the columns in the resultset:

$columns = $rows->getColumns();
foreach ($columns as $column) {
  // Will print the column declaration as used in CREATE TABLE queries.
  echo (string) $column;
  // Get the keyspace.
  echo $column->getKeyspace();
  // Get the tablename.
  echo $column->getTablename();
  // Get type, will return an instance of the TypeSpec class.
  $type = $column->getType();
  // Prints the readable type declaration (e.g. "varchar" or "list<uuid>").
  echo (string) $type;
  // Prints the basetype (e.g. "list").
  echo $type->getTypeName();
  // You can get the types for keys and values in collections.
  if ($type->getType() == Cassandra\TypeSpec::COLLECTION_MAP) {
    // Only applicable to maps.
    echo $type->getKeyType()->getTypeName();
    // Applicable to all collections.
    echo $type->getValueType()->getTypeName();

Supported datatypes

All types are supported.

  • ascii, varchar, text Result will be a string.
  • bigint, counter, varint Converted to strings using bcmath.
  • blob Result will be a string.
  • boolean Result will be a boolean as well.
  • decimal Converted to strings using bcmath.
  • double, float, int Result is using native PHP datatypes.
  • timestamp Converted to integer. Milliseconds precision is lost.
  • uuid, timeuuid, inet No native PHP datatype available. Converted to strings.
  • list, set Converted to array (numeric keys).
  • map Converted to keyed array.