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SG - Static site generator in PHP (WIP)

SG is a static site generator made with php.

SG rely on different open-source library:


PHP 5.3.6 or later.

To use the PHAR executable you need PHP to access the phar module. On UNIX, in order to check whether you have this module or not, you just need to run the following command in your terminal :

# php -m | grep -i phar

If Phar gets displayed then the module is properly installed.

Installation from PHAR

  1. Download the sg.phar executable .
  2. Start using SG: php sg.phar

Installation from Source

To generate your site you can use the sources instead, or if you want to develop SG.

  1. Go to your project directory and run git clone
  2. Download the composer.phar executable
  3. Run Composer to get the dependencies: php composer.phar install
  4. Start using SG: php sg


SG is licensed under the WTFPL License - see the LICENCE file for details