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Autolink for JBoss

Two utilities for autolinking jira links to JBoss jira.

  1. Userscript for browsers Simple userscript to enable automatic linking of email and plain text urls and more importantly JBoss jira links.

  2. Extension to use with http://

This allows you to just refer to Jira bugid's and not full urls in things like Github, like below in browser or on OSX for any selection:


PopClip Example

How to install Userscript

This is an userscript so any form of Greasemonkey browser variation should work. Generic instructions for installing userscripts can be found at:

What I currently use is Chrome and here the steps are:

  1. Download

  2. Open Chrome Extension Page (chrome://chrome/extensions/) via Window -> Extensions.

  3. Drag autolinkjboss.userscript.js to this page

  4. Approve the dialog

  5. Done!

Steps for Safari:

  1. Install NinjaKit from

  2. Restart Safari

  3. Click and confirm installation

  4. Done!

Steps for Firefox:

  1. Install the Greasemonkey add-on

  2. Restart Firefox

  3. Simply open the autolinkjboss.user.js file in Firefox. Greasemonkey will automatically ask to if the extension should be installed.

  4. Done!

Got instructions for another browser or want to improve/extend the list of jira's it supports fork this repo and send a pullrequest :)


If you have the plugin correctly installed these text links should be automatically linked:

Twitter: @maxandersen @jbosstools

Jira's: JBIDE-234, FORGE-24, AS7-66, ARQGRA-23, RF-334, HHH-234, METAGEN-3

Special sites is excluded since the script is messing up Google Presentations and even though it shows up correctly in Google Spreadsheet the links are not working because google overwrites the mouse click.

Install of PopClip extension

Install PopClip and click JBossJira.popclipextz