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Scripts for doing JBoss Tools SVN to Git migration.

This repo contains a copy/fork of git:// wit addition of a set of .py scripts used to perform the migration.

See for questions concerning the migration.

  1. git clone mirror repo to get all branches lcoal and use the readonly url to avoid being able to mirror back.

    $ git clone git:// $ cd jbosstools-svn-mirro && git pull --all

  2. Backup local repo for reuse later

    $ tar -czvf jbosstools-full-svn-mirror.tar.gz jbosstools-full-svn-mirror

    To get a clean copy:

    $ tar -xvf jbosstools-full-svn-mirror.tar.gz

  3. Enter the new copy folder, and clean out all but the content we care about

    $ cd jbosstools-svn-mirror

    get latest changes (if svn still active)

    $ git pull

    rename trunk to master to follow git naming convention plus indicate this is not a svn mirror.

    $ git branch -m trunk master $ git branch -rd origin/trunk

    delete the branches with "dead/experimental" stuff

    $ git branch -a -r | grep -E "jbpm-jpdl-4.0.0.beta2|https|origin/jbosstools-4.0.0.Alpha1|tags/jbosstools-3.0.x|3.2.helios|3.3.indigo|3.1.0.M3|vpe-spring|xulrunner-|hibernatetools|dead|smooks|tycho_exp|modular_build" | xargs git branch -r -D

    delete old branches/tags.

    $ git branch -a -r | grep -vE "GA" | grep -v ".x" | grep -vi "final" | grep -v "jbosstools-4" | grep -v jbpm-jpdl | grep -v trunk | xargs git branch -r -D

    delete ambigious/not used branches

    $ git branch -D jbosstools-4.0.0.Alpha2

  4. Checkout all branches locally so not just tracked remotely:

    $ git branch -a | sed -e "s/remotes.origin///g" | xargs -I {} git branch {} remotes/origin/{}

  5. Convert branch svn tags into real tags

    make a tag of each branch in tags/*

    $ git branch | grep tags | sed -e "s/tags///g" | xargs -n 1 -I {} git tag -m "svn branch tag" {} tags/{}

    delete all branches in tags/*

    $ git branch | grep tags | xargs -n 1 git branch -d

    you can ignore warning: deleting branch '' that has been merged to '', but not yet been merged to HEAD.

  6. Remove reference to the origin remote

    $ git remote rm origin

  7. setup git_fast_filter, GitHub credentials etc.

    edit to set username/password/roots if defaults not acceptable.

    $ cd .. $ source

  8. Run the split/filter of repositories (this requires alot of disk space)

    $ ./

    Each repo is done by running like this:

    $ python jbosstools-svn-mirror jbosstools-base "^common.*|^tests.*|^runtime.*|^usage.*"

    And then master is checked out, garbage collected, removed empty commits, each repo with just one subdir is filter-branched to have the subdir as root and finally a second garbage collection.

    Done by

    $ echo xxx Checking out master..... $ git checkout master $ $GIT_WORK_TREE $ git reset --hard && git for-each-ref --format="%(refname)" refs/original/ | xargs -n 1 git update-ref -d && git reflog expire --expire=now --all && git gc --aggressive --prune=now $ git filter-branch --tag-name-filter cat --prune-empty -- --all

  9. Delete big files (for anything missed in the above steps, it's much cheaper to do this during filter_repo!)

    Make sure you have all branches/tags pulled (git clone is not sufficient)

    git pull --all

    (same as step 4)

    $ git branch -a | sed -e "s/remotes.origin///g" | xargs -I {} git branch {} remotes/origin/{}

    locate big files

    git verify-pack -v .git/objects/pack/pack-*.idx | grep blob | sort -k3nr | head | while read s x b x; do git rev-list --all --objects | grep $s | awk '{print "'"$b"'",$0;}'; done

    filterbranch to remove the file(s)

    git filter-branch --prune-empty -d /dev/shm/scratch --index-filter "git rm --cached -f --ignore-unmatch oops.iso" --tag-name-filter cat -- --all

    garbage collect the repository (destructive)


9a) (Missed in our original migration) Fix line endings - can be done later.

$ echo "* text=auto" >>.gitattributes
$ rm .git/index     # Remove the index to force git to
$ git reset         # re-scan the working directory
$ git status        # Show files that will be normalized
$ git add -u
$ git add .gitattributes
$ git commit -m "Introduce end-of-line normalization"
  1. Create github repos

    $ find jbosstools-* -maxdepth 0 | xargs -n 1 -I {} {}

    Delete repos (if needed)

    $ find jbosstools-* -maxdepth 0 | xargs -n 1 -I {} curl -u "maxandersen:$GITHUBPWD"$GITHUB_ROOT/scratch-{} -X DELETE

  2. Push changes

    You might need to use --force here if the destination repo is new or contain old history.

    Push all branches

    $ git push --all

    Push all tags

    $ git push --tags

Resources used:

Svn Sync notes: svnsync sync file:///home/svnsync/repos/jbosstools-mirror