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Minimal bootstrap to work with angular and requirejs
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Angularjs + RequireJs + Express Seed

Directory Layout

src/                --> all of the files to be used in production
  public/             --> AngularJs application
      css/              --> css files
        bootstrap.css     --> bootstrap stylesheet
        style.css         --> application stylesheet
      img/              --> image files
      index.html        --> app layout file (the main html template file of the app)
      js/               --> javascript files
        Controllers     --> application controllers
        Directives      --> application directives
        filters         --> custom angular filters
        Services        --> custom angular services
        app.js          --> application
      lib/              --> angular and 3rd party javascript libraries
          angular.js        --> the latest angular js
          angular.min.js    --> the latest minified angular js
          angular-*.js      --> angular add-on modules
          version.txt       --> version number
        require.js          --> require.js library
      template/             --> angular view partials (partial html templates)

config/testacular.conf.js        --> config file for running unit tests with Testacular

scripts/            --> handy shell/js/ruby scripts
  test.bat          --> autotests unit tests with Testacular (windows)           --> autotests unit tests with Testacular (*nix)

test/               --> test source files and libraries
    angular/                --> angular testing libraries
      angular-mocks.js      --> mocks that replace certain angular services in tests
      angular-scenario.js   --> angular's scenario (end-to-end) test runner library
  unit/                     --> unit level specs/tests
    controllers.test.js      --> specs for controllers
    directives.test.js      --> specs for directives
    filters.test.js          --> specs for filters
    services.test.js         --> specs for services
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