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Mysqldump, writing in postgresql format

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mysql-to-postgres - MySQL to PostgreSQL Data Translation

MRI or jruby supported.

With a bit of a modified rails database.yml configuration, you can integrate mysql-to-postgres into a project.

Sample Configuration file:

default: &default
  adapter: jdbcpostgresql
  encoding: unicode
  pool: 4
  username: terrapotamus
  password: default

development: &development
  <<: *default
  database: default_development

test: &test
  <<: *default
  database: default_test

production: &production
  <<: *default
  database: default_production

mysql_data_source: &pii
  hostname: localhost
  port: 3306
  username: username
  password: default
  database: awesome_possum

    <<: *pii

      <<: *production
      <<: *test
      <<: *development

  - countries
  - samples
  - universes
  - variable_groups
  - variables
  - sample_variables

  # If suppress_data is true, only the schema definition will be exported/migrated, and not the data
  suppress_data: false

  # If suppress_ddl is true, only the data will be exported/imported, and not the schema
  suppress_ddl: true

  # If force_truncate is true, forces a table truncate before table loading
  force_truncate: false

  preserve_order: true

  remove_dump_file: true

  dump_file_directory: /tmp

  report_status:  json    # false, json, xml

  # If clear_schema is true, the public schema will be recreated before conversion
  # The import will fail if both clear_schema and suppress_ddl are true.
  clear_schema: false
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