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MaxMind DB Python Module


This is a Python module for reading MaxMind DB files. The module includes both a pure Python reader and an optional C extension.

MaxMind DB is a binary file format that stores data indexed by IP address subnets (IPv4 or IPv6).


If you want to use the C extension, you must first install libmaxminddb C library installed before installing this extension. If the library is not available, the module will fall-back to a pure Python implementation.

To install maxminddb, type:

$ pip install maxminddb

If you are not able to use pip, you may also use easy_install from the source directory:

$ easy_install .


To use this module, you must first download or create a MaxMind DB file. We provide free GeoLite2 databases. These files must be decompressed with gunzip.

After you have obtained a database and imported the module, call open_database with a path, or file descriptor (in the case of MODE_FD), to the database as the first argument. Optionally, you may pass a mode as the second argument. The modes are exported from maxminddb. Valid modes are:

  • MODE_MMAP_EXT - use the C extension with memory map.
  • MODE_MMAP - read from memory map. Pure Python.
  • MODE_FILE - read database as standard file. Pure Python.
  • MODE_MEMORY - load database into memory. Pure Python.
  • MODE_FD - load database into memory from a file descriptor. Pure Python.
  • MODE_AUTO - try MODE_MMAP_EXT, MODE_MMAP, MODE_FILE in that order. Default.

NOTE: When using MODE_FD, it is the caller's responsibility to be sure that the file descriptor gets closed properly. The caller may close the file descriptor immediately after the Reader object is created.

The open_database function returns a Reader object. To look up an IP address, use the get method on this object. The method will return the corresponding values for the IP address from the database (e.g., a dictionary for GeoIP2/GeoLite2 databases). If the database does not contain a record for that IP address, the method will return None.

If you wish to also retrieve the prefix length for the record, use the get_with_prefix_len method. This returns a tuple containing the record followed by the network prefix length associated with the record.


>>> import maxminddb
>>> with maxminddb.open_database('GeoLite2-City.mmdb') as reader:
>>>     reader.get('')
{'country': ... }
>>>     reader.get_with_prefix_len('')
({'country': ... }, 24)


The module will return an InvalidDatabaseError if the database is corrupt or otherwise invalid. A ValueError will be thrown if you look up an invalid IP address or an IPv6 address in an IPv4 database.


This code requires Python 3.6+. Older versions are not supported. The C extension requires CPython.


The MaxMind DB Python module uses Semantic Versioning.


Please report all issues with this code using the GitHub issue tracker

If you are having an issue with a MaxMind service that is not specific to this API, please contact MaxMind support for assistance.

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