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A header only C++11 library for parsing TOML.

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This parser is based on TOML v0.4.0. This library is distributed under simplified BSD License.


tinytoml is a tiny TOML parser for C++11 with following properties:

  • header file only
  • C++11 library friendly (array is std::vector, table is std::map, time is std::chrono::system_clock::time_point).
  • no external dependencies (note: we're using cmake for testing, but it's not required to use this library).

We'd like to keep this library as handy as possible.


  • C++11 compiler
  • C++11 libraries.

I've only checked this library works with recent clang++ (3.5) and g++ (4.7). I didn't check this with cl.exe. Acutally I'm using this library on my Linux app and Mac app. However, I haven't written Windows app yet.

How to use

Copy include/toml/toml.h into your project, and include it from your source. That's all.

Example code

// Parse foo.toml. If foo.toml is valid, pr.valid() should be true.
// If not valid, pr.errorReason will contain the parser error reason.
std::ifstream ifs("foo.toml");
toml::ParseResult pr = toml::parse(ifs);

if (!pr.valid()) {
    cout << pr.errorReason << endl;

// Note for users from older version:
// Since toml::Parser has a state, I don't recommend to use it directly any more.
// So, I've moved toml::Parser to toml::internal::Parser.
// Using toml::parse() is recommended.

// pr.value is the parsed value.
const toml::Value& v = pr.value;

// You can find a value by find().
// If found, non-null pointer will be returned.
// You can check the type of value with is().
// You can get the inner value by as().
const toml::Value* x = v.find("");
if (x && x->is<std::string>()) {
    cout << x->as<string>() << endl;
} else if (x && x->is<int>()) {
    cout << x->as<int>() << endl;

// Note: the inner value of integer value is actually int64_t,
// however, you can use 'int' for convenience.
toml::Value* z = ...;
int x = z->as<int>();
int64_t y = z->as<int64_t>();
// toml::Array is actually std::vector<toml::Value>.
// So, you can use range based for, etc.
const toml::Array& ar = z->as<toml::Array>();
for (const toml::Value& v : ar) {

// For convenience way, you can use get() when you're sure that the value exists
// and you know the value type.
// If type error occurred, std::runtime_error is raised.
toml::Value v = ...;
cout << v.get<string>("") << endl;

// For array type, you can also use get<std::vector<int>>() etc.
// Note that a fresh vector<int> is allocated.
std::vector<int> vs = v.get<std::vector<int>>();

// If you need to check value existence or type, you should use find().

How to test

The directory 'src' contains a few tests. We're using google testing framework, and cmake.

$ mkdir -p out/Debug; cd out/Debug
$ cmake ../../src
$ make
$ make test

'src' also contains a small example for how to use this.

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