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QGIS is a free, open source, cross platform (lin/win/mac) geographical information system (GIS)
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.tx cleanup after consolidating chinese
ci/travis Remove GEOS C++ lib dependency
cmake [qt5] Fix QCA Cmake
cmake_templates [auth system] Add to API docs and fix warnings
debian Update dependencies for GSL 2.0.
doc cleanup after consolidating chinese
i18n translation update for consolidation
images new splash for dev (Las Palmas Hackfest)
mac Update bundling of qspatialite and postgres Qt SQL plugins for Mac
ms-windows osgeo4w: fetch grass7 path from grass
postinstall Add cmake option WITH_PY_COMPILE (OFF by default)
python fix SAGA 2.1.2 kriging
resources [expressions] Add make_line and make_polygon functions
rpm spelling fixes
scripts cleanup after consolidating chinese
src fix biulding issue when WITH_QT_WEBKIT=OFF
tests Bump QgsStatisticSummary test coverage
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.gitattributes Added substitution support for :%H$ (e.g. //revision :%H$) so that wh…
.gitignore Add return type QgsRenderOptions to QgsRendererV2::startRender
.mailmap Add .mailmap file so that git shortlog reports stats better
.travis.yml [travis] Ensure use of standard (legacy) infrastructure
BUGS Tweaked BUGS documentation
CMakeLists.txt Bump version to 2.13
CODING update INSTALL to reflect dependency on GEOS 3.4 (GEOSNearestPoint_r)
COPYING sync GPL with original
CTestConfig.cmake Inital implementation of test submission to CDash using OTB Dash serv…
ChangeLog changelog update for 2.12
Exception_to_GPL_for_Qt.txt Updated agreement to the GPL exception
INSTALL update INSTALL to reflect dependency on GEOS 3.4 (GEOSNearestPoint_r)
NEWS changelog update
PROVENANCE use VSIReadDir() from gdal instead of quazip for listing .zip files a… [FEATURE] adding new features to QGIS will create issues in QGIS-Docu…
TODO test commit after repository migration
qbrowser.1 more Quantum GIS => QGIS updates
qgis-test-travis.ctest Fix concurrency issue in snap indexing
qgis-test.ctest.example Inital implementation of test submission to CDash using OTB Dash serv…
qgis.1 - Quantum GIS => QGIS update
qgis.dtd updates to licenses

About QGIS

Build Status

QGIS is an Open Source Geographic Information System. The project was born in May of 2002 and was established as a project on SourceForge in June of the same year. We've worked hard to make GIS software (which is traditionally expensive commercial software) a viable prospect for anyone with basic access to a Personal Computer. QGIS currently runs on most Unix platforms, Windows, and OS X. QGIS is developed using the Qt toolkit ( and C++. This means that QGIS feels snappy to use and has a pleasing, easy to use graphical user interface.

QGIS aims to be an easy to use GIS, providing common functions and features. The initial goal was to provide a GIS data viewer. QGIS has reached that point in its evolution and is being used by many for their daily GIS data viewing and editing needs. QGIS supports a number of raster and vector data formats, with new support easily added using the plugin architecture.

QGIS is released under the GNU Public License (GPL) Version 2 or above. Developing QGIS under this license means that you can (if you want to) inspect and modify the source code and guarantees that you, our happy user will always have access to a GIS program that is free of cost and can be freely modified.

Supported raster formats include:

  • Grass
  • ArcInfo binary grid
  • ArcInfo ASCII grid
  • ERDAS Imagine
  • SDTS
  • GeoTiff
  • Tiff with world file
  • WMS

Supported vector formats include:


Please follow the installation instructions carefully. After extracting the distribution, you can find the HTML version of the installation document in qgis/doc/index.html. The installation document is also available as PDF in the same directory.

Help us

Please submit bug reports using the QGIS bug tracker. When reporting a bug, either login or, if you don't have a qgis trac, provide an email address where we can request additional information.


You can get support in the following ways:

  • Using the QGIS community site at
  • Joining the qgis-users mailing list
  • Using IRC by joining the #qgis channel on Please wait around for a response to your question as many folks on the channel are doing other things and it may take a while for them to notice your question.
  • Join the Gitter chat.


QGIS is on GitHub at If you wish to contribute patches you can fork the project, make your changes, commit to your repository, and then issue a pull request. The development team can then review your contribution and commit it upstream as appropriate. If you commit a new feature, add [FEATURE] to your commit message AND give a clear description of the new feature. A webhook will automatically create an issue on the QGIS-Documentation repo to tell people to write about it.

If you are not a developer, there are many other possibilities which do not require programing skills to help QGIS to evolve. Check our project homepage for more information.

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