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III Aquarii

The project aims to provide a quite complete web app to manage small, medium or big quantities of git and hg repositories. We want to include repository management, ssh keys management, repository browser, commits browser, diff display, tickets and milestones management.

Before starting this project we dissected Gitauth, to extract its very essence. We then decided to start from scratch on our own, tossing everything and starting from a clean slate. So it probably looks similar to GithAuth, or Gitosis, since these projects are pretty much the state-of-the-art.


web icons (small ones) are from the Fugue Icons pack :

Copyright © 2010 Yusuke Kamiyamane. All rights reserved.
The icons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution
3.0 license. <>


This project is released under MIT Licence.


This gonna be big. First push to GitHub repository is really really a first draft of the base project.


As of the first tag (0.0.1) it’s almost usable. You need to check the aq_lib too.
It only manage ssh keys and repositories though. But just with that you can say good bye to gitosis. (well first we need to wait for some comments and tests). Yet you still need a git server to provide public read only access to your repositories.

Long run

The long run is a bit more complex : the aim is to provide something similar to GitHub, with some other functionalities.

- Mostly no “social network” thing
- wiki
- bug tracking
- milestones and features tracking
- features / tasks assignment
- hugs
- git and hg support with automatic commit push between root repositories
- … more


Right now it’s not really usable, yet it works.
Clone this code, and edit the config/application.yml file and database.yml file. You also need to tweak vendor/aq_sh/config/application.yml accordingly.


On the GitHub page.

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