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A set of mako templates for the deform package.
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This is a Mako port of the Chameleon templates included in Deform.

To run the deformdemo application using the deform_mako renderer:

  • Create a virtualenv:

    $ virtualenv2.6 --no-site-packages env

    Heretofore, the env directory created above will be referred to as $VENV

  • Clone the deformdemo GitHub repository:

    $ git clone git://
  • cd to the deformdemo checkout and develop it into your virtualenv

    $ cd deformdemo $ $VENV/bin/python develop

  • Use the deform_mako demo.ini file to run a demo app server via paster serve:

    $ $VENV/bin/paster demo.ini

  • The demo app will be running on port 8521. See the README.rst in the deformdemo checkout for instructions about how to run the selenium tests.

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