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This repository stores contains all chef cookbooks used by Mconf. It is a collection of the cookbooks developed for Mconf plus all of their dependencies. For the latest versions of the cookbooks and to install the cookbooks in your own setup, see

To see the version of chef being used see .chef-version.

Working with librarian

Install it:

bundle install

To add a cookbook, first add it to Cheffile and then (note: it's always usefull to use --verbose with librarian):

bundle exec librarian-chef install [--verbose]

Update a cookbook:

bundle exec librarian-chef update mconf-lb [--verbose]


Install Vagrant.

Install plugins for Vagrant:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-lxc
vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest
vagrant plugin install vagrant-librarian-chef
vagrant plugin install vagrant-omnibus

Download the dependencies:

bundle install
rbenv rehash

cd vagrant/
bundle exec librarian-chef install [--verbose]

Create the VM:

cd ../
vagrant up

Log into the VM

vagrant ssh
cd vagrant/
bundle install

Now you can run chef-solo as in:

sudo chef-solo -c /vagrant/config/solo.rb -j utils/mconf-web.json

Running chef-solo

Install the version of chef described in .chef-version and then run chef-solo as in the example below:

sudo chef-solo -c config/solo.rb -j utils/mconf-web.json