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joshJarr and escattone Stage push (#9)
* Fixing permissions

* Further updates (#6)

* Initial commit

* Create

* Updates footer to match content from:

* Removes unneeded

* Adjusts image paths

* Adds in social icons to footer

* Update hero section with new design assets.

* Update hero section with new designs.

* Remove dark border from mobile button.

* Fixes issue where og:image meta tag content attributes we're extracted by html-loader. Also adds in placeholder GA snippet ready for the ID to be added in.

* Adds in comments throughout the JS

* Adds in correct action URL to form element and converts the FormData data into a query string before sending it to the BE via XHR.

* Minor method name update

* Implements sticky header and button, and footer adjustments (#1)

* Simplifies query string generation for the survey form submission

* Revert overflow change.

* Revert font-size adjustment.

* Fixes issues with sticky header as the previous CSS conflicted with the styling updates

* Adjustments to button size on sticky header and spacing

* Adds in correct GA ID

* Links MDN logo in the footer to

* Minor padding adjustment

* Adds in new component for declaratively setting up basic GA event tracking on elements (#8)

* Design updated v3 (#9)

* Update about section copy.

* Update timeline island and headers.

* Update designs, introduce svg assets.

* Add whitespace to svg.

* Removes unneeded console log

* Introduced continue conversation section. (#5)

* Introduced continue conversation section.

* Cleanup indentation

* Address PR feedback.

* Use inline arrow SVG.

* QA, bug fixes, and design updates. (#7)

* Image asset updates (#8)

* Update image assets.

* Remove unessesary script.
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src Stage push (#9) Jun 13, 2019
.editorconfig Setup linting and code style across files. May 23, 2019
.eslintignore Fix linting command. May 24, 2019
.eslintrc.js Fixes indentation in eslintrc and stylelintrc files May 24, 2019
.gitignore Updates .gitignore Jun 5, 2019
.prettierrc Adds in .prettierrc file Jun 2, 2019
.stylelintrc Adds in stylelint-order and fixes errors Jun 5, 2019 Stage push (#9) Jun 13, 2019
Jenkinsfile Fixing permissions (#5) Jun 11, 2019
LICENSE Stage push (#9) Jun 13, 2019 Updates README May 24, 2019
babel.config.js Adds in Jest for JS unit testing. May 24, 2019
package-lock.json Desktop styling for timeline section. Jun 5, 2019
package.json Desktop styling for timeline section. Jun 5, 2019
webpack.common.js Serve assets from / in production and make sure html-loader process l… Jun 7, 2019

MDN Insights



node and npm are required. Use nvm.

Getting started

$ npm i
$ npm start


Deploying to production

$ npm run prod


Build tools


Run npm run lint to lint both the JS and the SCSS files. This will also be run as part of the build process, but will not cause it to exit.

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