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Generate secure, site-specific passwords from a secret master password. Since no database is used, passwords are available offline everywhere and anywhere.


How to Use

Enter the Name of the Service. Passcode uses the name of the service (domain) to cryptographically generate unique passwords.

Enter your Master Password. This keeps your passwords secure and different from anyone else’s for the same given domain. This is only password you’ll ever need to remember.

Generate! By combining the domain and master password, then running it through an encrpytion algorithm, a unique passcode is generated for you to use for that service.

Secure by Design. Passcode was designed to be secure from the start. User information is not stored on a server. In fact, no data ever leaves the app running on the device itself.

It’s Algorithmic. To generate passwords, Passcode uses a standard SHA-256 encrpytion algorithm. This means that when Passcode is given the same input, it gives the same output. Already using a generated passcode and need to retrieve it? Simply generate it again. Since the algorithm is one-way, the master password cannot be retrieved given the outputted password.

It’s Ubiquitous. Since Passcode algorithmically generates passcodes, and doesn’t rely on servers and networks to sync them, all your passwords are available at all times—even when not connected to the internet.

Available Multi-Platform. No matter what computing platform you’re on, Your passwords are available. Passcode is available natively for iOS, and Android. Browser extensions are available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. A website is available for easy access on any computer. Even a command-line application is available.

Free & Open Source. The source code for Passcode, and all its applications is available for free. Because of this, Passcode will always be free and support for new platforms is easily added.