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GLWTPL (Good Luck With That Public License)

If you have that feeling about your code...

When I wrote this, only God and I understood what I was doing.
Now, only God knows.

...think no further and include this LICENSE to your project!

And, wish a very Good Luck to your future self, or a fellow human being or an alien or an AI bot (who can code and will destroy human race) - literally anyone who will dare to dive into your project.

Good luck GIF

It has a NSFW version too. Cheers!

Possible Use Cases

  • You wrote some code but not quite proud of it, yet want to release it.
  • You want to make free your code in the wild and want no responsibility for it.
  • "Whatever done is done", and you don't have time/intention to fix, modify or improve your code any further
  • Built an awesome project in a Hackathon/Code-competition? Want to license it? This is the license for you.
  • Your college/university course/lab work and this license are a match made in heaven.

Contribution Guideline

See the Contribution Guideline before bother me with some fancy PR.



This project is licensed under GLWTPL


"Good Luck With That" Public License




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