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Jandig ARte

ARte is a Progressive Web App for augmented reality artworks. Our goal is to give a way for artists share their artworks in a simple and free way.

You can see galleries with pictures of exhibitions created with Jandig.

How it works

Jandig ARte uses image pattern detection to detect augmented reality markers through the camera of a device and render a content (currently a GIF) on the device screen, giving the impression that your device is like a virtual window that you are looking at.


Jandig ARte is a Progressive Web App, which means you can open in every device with a browser and a camera. Also you can add Jandig ARte to your homescreen and it will run like a native app on your device.


We are a small team based in Brazil :D talk to us on Telegram. There's a list of the main contributors of Jandig development:


We are looking for artists (both illustrators and animators) to create great content and help us testing the platform, people to translate our website from Portuguese to English (and vice versa), and developers to help us with the platform, please contact us via the Telegram channel or an issue on GitHub!


You can find interviews and references to Jandig in the press here.

Get Started

To contribute to Jandig ARte it would be awesome if you read Contributing and our Code of conduct. After a good read you are ready to move foward!


We use docker and docker-compose to ensure a consistent development environment and to make the deploy process as painless as possible, so all you need on your development tools to run Jandig ARte is Docker and Docker-Compose.


Docker has good documentation on their website for installing docker and docker-compose for different operating systems like Ubuntu and Debian. To install docker-compose choose your operating system here.


To run Jandig ARte all you need to do is:

  • Clone this repo
  • Navigate to the repository folder
  • Run docker-compose passing the docker-compose.yml
  • Voila!
git clone
cd Jandig
docker-compose -f docker/docker-compose.yml up

If you get any error saying permission denied try run the command with sudo.

sudo docker-compose -f docker/docker-compose.yml up

Jandig ARte server will run at localhost. To test modifications you just need to run a web browser and access localhost:8000. If you want to test on a mobile device, you will need a https connection, we recommend ngrok to generate a https link for you.

sudo snap install ngrok
ngrok http 8000

ngrok will prompt 3 links:


Select the one with https at beginning.