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[merged into the "json" gem; this repo is discontinued] Java port of the json gem, for JRuby
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JSON-JRuby is a port of Florian Frank's native json library to JRuby. It aims to be a perfect drop-in replacement for json_pure.

Development version

The latest version is available from the Git repository:

git clone git://


You'll need JRuby version 1.2 or greater to build JSON-JRuby. Its path must be set on the jruby.dir property of nbproject/ (defaults to ../jruby).

Additionally, you'll need Ant, and Ragel 6.4 or greater.

Then, from the folder where the sources are located, type:

ant clean jar

to clean any leftovers from previous builds and generate the .jar files. To generate a RubyGem, specify the gem action rather than jar.

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