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Efficient string matching with regular expressions

This package includes a pure Python function that enables you to represent a set of strings as a regular expression. With this regular expression, you can perform various operations, such as replacing, extracting and matching keywords. The name of the package comes from the internal trie used to build the regular expression (TRie to REgeX)

Install trrex

Use pip,

pip install trrex


import trrex as tx
import re

pattern = tx.make(['baby', 'bat', 'bad'])
hits = re.findall(pattern, 'The baby was scared by the bad bat.')
# hits = ['baby', 'bat', 'bad']


import trrex as tx
import pandas as pd

frame = pd.DataFrame({
    "txt": ["The baby", "The bat"]
pattern = tx.make(['baby', 'bat', 'bad'], prefix=r"\b(", suffix=r")\b") # need to specify capturing groups
frame["match"] = frame["txt"].str.extract(pattern)
hits = frame["match"].tolist()
# hits = ['baby', 'bad']

Why use trrex?

  • trrex builds a better regex pattern, than the simple regex union, therefore searching (and replacing) strings is about 300 times faster than a regex union pattern, and about 2.5 times faster than FlashText algorithm. See below for a performance comparison:

Performance comparison

  • Plays well with others, can be integrated easily with pandas, spacy and any other regex engine. See the documentation for examples.
  • Pure Python, no other dependencies


If you have any issues with this repository, please don't hesitate to raise them. It is actively maintained, and we will do our best to help you.


This project is based on the following resources:

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