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metacpan puppet configuration

This repo is for building and running the development, test and live servers


  1. Virtual machine - strongly recommend for development and testing.

  2. Manual instructions - for new live servers

Repository setup

There is puppet documentation which shows a very rough outline of how things are setup

Adding new users

  1. Add the new user to modules/metacpan/manifests/user.pp

  2. Add the user's pub key to the appropriate folder in modules/metacpan/files/default/home

  3. After puppet has been run, the new user can SSH in to the production machine using hostname and port 2202

How hiera works:

21:20 < ranguard> -
                  to set an 'env' value
21:21 < ranguard> sets the order config
                  files should be examined ( top overlaying data in the ones below )
21:21 < ranguard> so common.yaml is the ground work, but there are customisations in:
21:22 < ranguard> ^^ that is for all production servers
21:22 < ranguard> would
                  be specifically for bm-mc-02 node
21:23 < ranguard> the config files are EVERYTHING, there should be no specific logic in modules, they become dumb
21:25 < ranguard> is called, which
                  loads nodes/*.pp...
21:25 < ranguard> - says if the
                  hostname matches 'bm' then run a specific role and the rest comes from hiera