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Check your R package with multiple versions of R, including R-devel, on Travis or Semaphore.


The currently supported CIs are:

Available R versions

Currently supported R versions:

  • R-devel, built hourly.
  • R-release, refers to the current stable release
  • R-oldrel, refers to last release from the previous minor version
  • R 3.3.3
  • R 3.3.2
  • R 3.3.1
  • R 3.3.0
  • R 3.2.5
  • R 3.2.4
  • R 3.2.3
  • R 3.2.2
  • R 3.2.1
  • R 3.2.0
  • R 3.1.3
  • R 3.1.2
  • R 3.1.1
  • R 3.1.0
  • R 3.0.3

We recommend that you test your package with R-devel, R-release and R-oldrel. CRAN maintainers run their tests on these versions as well.

Status for R-devel builds

Travis Semaphore

How to use r-builder with your package

Travis CI

  1. Sign up to Travis, if you haven't already.

  2. Enable Travis for your project.

  3. Copy the sample.travis.yml file in the root of your repository as .travis.yml.

  4. Edit this file according to your needs. In particular, if your R package depends on R packages that are not on CRAN, but on github, you need to tell Travis to install them. Change the .travis.yml file like this:

      - ./ install_github repo1/pkg1 repo2/pkg2 ... etc
      - ./ install_deps
  5. To make R and devtools::install_github ignore this file, put this in your .Rbuildignore file (you may need to create this file):

  6. Push your repo to start building and checking.

  7. (Optional) Add a badge as described in to your

See also the extensive Travis documentation.

Semaphore CI

Semaphore does not use a file from the repo for configuration. Instead, you need to set up everything in the web interface. So the steps you need are

  1. Sign up to Semaphore.

  2. Enable Semaphore for your project, and your branch.

  3. Use the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS v1410.1 platform.

  4. Set the RVERSION environment variable to the R version you want to build/test against. E.g. 3.1.2 builds with R 3.1.2 and devel uses R-devel.

  5. You need to use the following build commands:

    curl -OL
    chmod 755
    ./ bootstrap
    ./ install_deps
    ./ run_tests

    The first two lines can be run in the Setup phase, and the rest on Thread#1, although this might not be strictly necessary.

  6. Modify these lines if you need to install R packages that are not on CRAN. E.g. before install_deps you can add

    ./pkg-build install_github repo1/pkg1 repo2/pkg2 ... etc
  7. Push you repo to start building, or you can also start a build on the Semaphore web interface.

  8. (Optional) Add a badge as described in the “Badge” section in “Settings” for your project.

See also the Semaphore docs for more details.


Please see the issue tracker.


Build and check R packages using Travis or other CIs






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